Uniforms/ Dres Code

Uniforms/ Dress Code


Want to get a head start in ordering JPA logo uniforms?
Order from the Online Store now through August 13th to receive the first week of school.
After August 13th, a second window frame for ordering will re-open at the end of August.


Students should take pride in their appearance.  All clothing should be appropriate for learning.

Policy 221 established by the School District of Philadelphia states that schools can establish and enforce their uniform policy.   Juniata Park Academy believes that the  purpose of the uniform is to create a positive learning environment.  All parts of the uniform must be clean and in good condition. Juniata Park Academy students must adhere to the uniform policy that requires the following standards:

Navy Blue Collared Shirt
Navy Blue sweater or sweatshirt
ONLY navy blue hoodies may be worn, but the hood must remain down in the building
Khaki pants with a belt
Black, Blue, or Brown shoes or sneakers
No open toed shoes
Gym Uniform: Navy Blue Sweatpants, Navy Blue T-Shirt
Students should not wear earrings larger than a “quarter size” to ensure their safety.

Uniform items will be available for sale through the school. Please note that hats, and bandanas are not permitted to be worn during the school day. A phone call will be made to parents when a child is out of uniform.  Students who persistently fail to comply with the school’s uniform policy may be subject to disciplinary action.  For the 2022-2023 school year students can wear navy blue hoodies but may not wear the hood over their head in the school building.